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River Publishers Series in Innovation and Change in Education - Cross-cultural Perspective 

Key Factors In Postgraduate Research Supervision: a Guide for Supervisors

Author: Dario Toncich, Australia

ISBN: 9788793379442
eBook ISBN: 9788793379435

Price : € 70.00

Available:  July 2016

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Key Factors in Postgraduate Research Supervision - A Guide for Supervisors is designed to inform and support university academics and researchers who are taking on the responsibilities of postgraduate research student supervision. It is aimed at early career professionals, who may be undertaking supervision for the first time, and also experienced supervisors seeking to develop a more formal framework for their supervision, in an increasingly complex academic environment. The objective of the book is to help supervisors create the "complete postgraduate student". That is, an individual who can develop the rigors and disciplines of research conduct and research writing, as well as a broader understanding of the environment in which many postgraduate qualified professionals will work.

The majority of postgraduate research students in the modern world ultimately use their acquired skills to work outside the university research environment, so emphasis is given to preparing research students for these varied roles, which can include management; commercial research or start-up company pathways.

Any competent academic can be a good research supervisor when things are going well. Real supervisory skills only come into play when things have gone awry. That is when a professional and structured approach to problem solving and conflict resolution is required. This book seeks to provide the framework in which supervisors can develop such an approach. The topics covered in this text cover the spectrum of the supervisory process, from understanding the university research environment, through to recruiting students; induction; planning of the research program; peer review and thesis/dissertation preparation. Additionally, important peripheral issues, such as preparing graduates for various future roles; managing collaborative research programs; managing cases of misfeasance, and developing long-term relationships with students are also covered.


University research; Postgraduate Research Supervision; Graduate Research Supervision; Research Conduct; Thesis writing; Research Management

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