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River Publishers Series in Computing and Information Science and Technology 

IoT, Machine learning and Blockchain Technologies for Renewable Energy and Modern Hybrid Power Systems

C. Sharmeela, Anna University, India
P. Sanjeevikumar, Aarhus University, Denmark
P. Sivaraman, Vestas Technology R&D Chennai Pvt. Ltd, India
Meera Joseph, Independent Institute of Education, South Africa

ISBN: 9788770227247
e-ISBN: 9788770227117

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This edited book comprises chapters that describe the IoT, machine learning, and blockchain technologies for renewable energy and modern hybrid power systems with simulation examples and case studies.

After reading this book, users will understand recent technologies such as IoT, machine learning techniques, and blockchain technologies and the application of these technologies to renewable energy resources and modern hybrid power systems through simulation examples and case studies.


Renewable energy, power systems, solar PV, wind energy conversion system, IoT, power quality, low voltage, IoT for renewable energy, smart distribution system, distribution transformer, machine learning techniques, machine learning techniques for renewable energy, hybrid power systems, capacitor banks, PSO, optimization techniques, blockchain technologies, blockchain for renewable energy, SHA