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River Publishers Series in Communications and Networking 

Smart Antennas, Electromagnetic Interference and Microwave Antennas for Wireless Communications

S. Kannadhasan, Cheran College of Engineering, India
R. Nagarajan, Gnanamani College of Technology, India
Alagar Karthick, KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, India
Aritra Ghosh, University of Exeter, UK

ISBN: 9788770227766
e-ISBN: 9788770227759

Price: € 108.50

Available: February 2023



This book covers all areas of smart antennas, electromagnetic interference, and microwave antennas for wireless communications. Smart antennas or adaptive antennas are multi-antenna components on one or both sides of a radio communication connection, combined with advanced signal processing algorithms. They've evolved into a critical technology for third-generation and beyond mobile communication systems to meet their lofty capacity and performance targets. It seems that a significant capacity gain is achievable, particularly if they are employed on both sides of the connection. There are several essential characteristics of these systems that need scientific and technical investigation. Included in the book are beamforming, massive MIMO, network MIMO, mmwave transmission, compressive sensing, MIMO radar, sensor networks, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, location, and machine learning.


Dielectric resonator antennas, lens antennas and radomes; antennas for wireless power transmission and harvesting; MIMO, antenna diversity, smart and signal processing antennas; RFID antennas/sensors and systems; slotted, guided and leaky wave antennas microwave devices; electromagnetic interference and compatibility RFID circuits and antennas.