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River Publishers Series in Multi Business Model Innovation, Technologies and Sustainable Business 

Continuous Improvement in Organizations

Author: José Dinis Carvalho, University of Minho, Portugal

ISBN: 9788770227988
e-ISBN: 9788770227971

Price: € 104.50

Available: February 2023



This book presents what you need to know to really implement continuous improvement in companies or other organizations. In addition to all the support needed for this to make sense, the importance of the right direction to guide it is unveiled. The reader will find in this book the origins of continuous improvement and all the framing that justifies and demystifies it in the aspects that characterize the socio-technical nature of organizations. This work also explores the need for effective coexistence between technical aspects and behavioral and cultural aspects, so that continuous improvement and excellence are achieved in organizations.

Topics discussed in the book include:

  • The origins of continuous improvement
  • The main operational excellence models
  • The invisible side of organizations
  • The visible side of organizations
  • Decoding continuous improvement
  • The maturity levels of continuous improvement
  • Some models and tips for the implementation of continuous improvement
  • Main tools associated to excellence in organizations
This book was written with the aim of helping engineering students in courses related to operations management to develop skills in this area, as well as businessmen with curiosity about this subject, production directors, people responsible for continuous improvement and all professionals working in companies or other organizations with responsibility for their performance and their future.


Continuous improvement; Excellence; Management; Production; Shingo Model; Toyota Way; LEAN