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Detection of Coronary Artery Disease with an Electronic Stethoscope

Author: Samuel Schmidt, Dept. of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University

e-ISBN: 9788792329868

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Available: December 2011
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Downloads: [1668]  


The idea for this project originates from my work in the subject of detection of coronary artery disease (CAD) with an electronic stethoscope. In a small dataset which included CAD patients and fellow students we were successful in identification of CAD patients. This inspired me to continue research in the subject. The current Ph.D. work started in 2006 after successful completion of an additional preliminary study. The goal of my research was to develop a non-invasive method for diagnosis of CAD. In a recent published review the research task was outlined as:

The development of a definitive, noninvasive test for detection of coronary blockages is one of the holy grails of diagnostic cardiology. John Semmelow 2007.