International Conference on Materials, Computing, Communication Technologies

International Conference on Materials, Computing, Communication Technologies
[ICMCCT 2022]

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International Conference on Materials, Computing, Communication Technologies
[ICMCCT 2022]

Dr. S.Kannadhasan, Study World College of Engineering, Tamilnadu, India
Dr. Alagar Karthick, K.P.R. Institute of Engineering and Technology, Tamilnadu, India
Dr. R. Nagarajan, Gnanamani College of Technology, Tamilnadu, India

e-ISBN: 9788770229555

Available: August 2022


Welcome to the International Conference on Materials, Computing and Communication Technologies [ICMCCT 2022] held at Cheran College of Engineering, Karur, Tamilnadu, India on 20 August 2022. Artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, fuzzy neural networks, expert systems, genetic algorithms, and communication are some of the methodologies and techniques that are commonly used to build intelligent, automated, and secure systems. The main purpose of ICMCCT 2022 is to promote intelligent technologies such as fuzzy logic, neural networks, support vector machines, evolutionary computing, machine learning, and probabilistic reasoning for addressing real-time problems. At ICMCCT 2022, researchers, professors, students, and professionals in the domains of engineering and technology will have a world-class forum to showcase their work, expertise, innovative ideas, and discoveries. A fascinating technical programme will be on show. The programme will include research presentations, keynote lectures, invited talks, tutorials, panel discussions, and poster presentations. In all areas of soft computing, we're searching for innovative ideas. Submissions from academia, government, and industry are all welcome. Submissions for technical papers, workshop/special session ideas, and tutorial proposal submissions are now open. Its goal is to provide a great platform for professors, researchers, and scholars from all over the world to present the most recent innovative research results as well as the most recent developments and trends in the fields of Electrical, Electronics, Information, Computer, and Communication Technology. The goal of ICMCCT 2022 is to stimulate communication between scholars and practitioners working in a broad range of engineering and technology fields. A large number of people are expected to attend ICMCCT 2022 to present research findings, discuss views and ideas, learn about new technologies, and extend their professional and social networks. ICMCCT 2022will be held entirely online, with the authors presenting their papers. Original research papers (not under consideration for publication elsewhere) reporting novel theoretical and/or experimental research discoveries in the following tracks (but not limited to) are welcomed to be submitted in standard IEEE conference template by prospective authors.

Article 1: Spectrum Shifting Architecture for Joint Filter with Low Complexity Flexible UFMC
by Gowri S*, Sasikala P*, Nikila M*, Kamarunisha M*


Chapter 2: A Novel Approach for Cover-Lossless Robust Image Watermarking Against Geometric Deformations
by S Gowri?, M Kamarunisha?, P Sasikala?, P Anitha?,


Chapter 3: A Study on Outlier Detection For Large-Scale Data
by S.Gowri, Dr.Anand,M.Kamarunisha,R.Jothi


Chapter 4: Air Quality Monitoring System Based On ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451 Standards
by M Kamarunisha?, A Sivasankari, P Sasikala, P Anitha


Chapter 5: An Energy-Balanced For Wireless Sensor Networks by Destination Oriented Routing Algorithm
by A.Sivasankari, S.Gowri , M.Kamarunisha, Dr.Anand,


Chapter 6: IoT Cloud Device for Prevention Based Cellular sensor Data Processing
by M.Nikila, DrAravind, S.Dhara, S.Aarthi


Chapter 7: Artificial Neural Network in Character Recognition
by P.Anitha , Umadevi Pongiya, DrAravind, R.Jothi, S.Arthi


Chapter 8: Cloud Computing System in Security
by A.Sivasanakri, Umadevi Pongiya, S.Gowri, M.kamarunisha, Dr Aravind


Chapter 12: Research Issues and Possible Solutions of heterogeneous integration using IoT
by S.Arthi,P.Anitha,S.Gowri,P.Sasikala


Chapter 13: FOG Computing In Social Sensor Cloud On Multi-Source Feedback
by P.Anitha ,R.Jothi ,S.Gowri


Chapter 15: Tamper Proofing video Using Distributed Ledger HAAE
by M.Kamarunisha, Dr Aravind,S.Gowri,A.Sivasankari


Chapter 16: 5G Millimeter Waves Communication Networks Using User Association
by S.Gowri, Dr.Aravind,A.Sivasankari,M.Kamarunisha


Chapter 17: Research Issues And Challenges Of Pervasive Computing
by M.Kamarunisha,R.Jothi,P.Anitha


Chapter 18: Research on Overcoming Transfer Learning Attacks on AI System
by S.Divya, DrAravind, P.Anitha, A.Sivasankari


Chapter 19: Review On Latest Certainty Issues In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
by M.Kamarunisha,S.Gowri,P.Anitha


Chapter 20: Public key cryptography by changing the seed value
by R.Jothi, Dr.Anand, P.Anitha, S.Arthi


Chapter 22: Big Data Analytics Using Hadoop Technology
by K. Saraswathi,P. Ganeshbabu, V. Vaneeswari, S. Ranichandra


Chapter 23: Breast Cancer Image Segmentation And Classification Using 2CAlgorithm
by S. Ranichandra, K. Saraswathi, S. Geetharani, R. Jeeva


Chapter 24: Cognitive Computation In Artificial Intelligence
by S. Selvakumari,S. Geetharani, S. Dinesh, R. Jeeva


Chapter 25: Digital Accounting System Expansion On Cloud Computing
by V. Vaneeswari, S. Dinesh, V. Lakshmi, K. Saraswathi


Chapter 26: Prediction Of Mobile System Based On GSM Data
by V. Vaneeswari, P. Ganeshbabu, S. Dinesh, R. Jeeva


Chapter 27: Grey Deep Neural Network-Based Data Analysis For Financial Reports In Text Mining Applications
by S. Ranichandra,P. Ganeshbabu,S. Geetharani, R. Jeeva


Chapter 28: Image Enhancement and Segmentation Using Image Processing Techniques
by K. Saraswathi, S. Selvakumari, S. Dinesh, S. Ranichandra


Chapter 29: Image Processing Using Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
by V. Lakshmi, S. Dinesh, S. Selvakumari, R. Jeeva


Chapter 30: Quantifying Service Oriented Mobile Heterogeneity Based Cma Cloudlets Taxonomies
by S. Ranichandra, S. Dinesh, S. Geetharani, K. Saraswathi


Chapter 31: Analytical Model for Security in 5G Network
by S. Selvakumar, A. Jency, Prianka R R, Hilda Jerlin C M, Ruhi Bakhare,Amara S A L G Gopala Gupta


Chapter 32: Artificial Intelligence for 5G Advanced Wireless Networks
by S. Selvakumar, Mary Selvan, Sumit Chaudhary, Gumpina Babu Rao,Sonia Maria D'Souza, Ashok Kumar


Chapter 33: Design and Development Of Communication Networks Using IoT
by M. Jayaprakash, V. Kumara Swamy, V. Senthil, Suresh Kumar Maddila, M Anusuya, Sumit Kushwaha


Chapter 34: Performance Analysis of L Shaped Structure for Wireless Communication
by A. Jemshia Miriam, P Kishor Kumar, B. Ramesh, M. P. Chitra, K. Praveena, R.Sathya Bama Krishna, R. Azhagumurugan


Chapter 35: Research and Implementation of Leach Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
by S Raja shree, G. Karthika, R. Pitchai, G. Senthilkumar, V G Pratheep, Charanjeet Singh, S.Kannadhasan


Chapter 36: Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Biomedical Diagnosis System
by M.Sheerin Banu, R. Pitchai, N. Balamurugan, R. Krishna Kumari, Kavitha V P, Ashok Kumar, Swagata Sarkar


Chapter 37: Potential Optical Wireless Technologies in Mobile Communications
by M. Jayaprakash, R. M. Dilip Charaan, J Ramya, T M Inbamalar, Rajesha N, S. Sugumaran, S.Kannadhasan


Chapter 38: Policy Trends of Renewable Energy and Non Renewable Energy
by A. Saravanan, R. Venkatasubramanian, Richa Khare, Raviteja Surakasi, Sampath Boopathi, Samrat Ray, M. Sudhakar


Chapter 39: IOT Based Smart Energy Meter for Smart Grid
by Bikash Chandra Saha, Deepa R, Akila A, B. V. Sai Thrinath, Sampath Boopathi*, J Ramya, M. Sudhakar


Chapter 40: A Shortesh Path Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
by D. Rajendra Prasad, Machhindranath M Dhane, R. Pitchai, A Thiruppathi, E Rajesh kumar, Charanjeet Singh, S.Kannadhasan