First International Conference on Smart Systems and Green Energy Technologies

First International Conference on Smart Systems and Green Energy Technologies

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First International Conference on Smart Systems and Green Energy Technologies

P. Sanjeevikumar, Aarhus University, Denmark
Abdelkrim Haqiq, FST, Hassan 1st University, Settat, Morocco
M. A. Jabbar, Vardhaman College of Engineering, India
MD Asif, Vardhaman College of Engineering, India

e-ISBN: 9788770229647

Available: February 2023


The First International Conference on Smart systems and GreenEnergy Technologies (ICSGET-2022) is conducted by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad. The main aim of this international conference is to bring together researchers to facilitate knowledge sharing in emerging technologies and enhance collaboration world over. Along with researchers, the professionals and executives from energy sector, manufacturing industries, electrical power companies are invited to share their ideas and information pertaining to recent thrust areas of smart systems and green energy technologies. The conference will enable the delegates to undertake collaborative research, update their technical knowledge and to stay in tune with recent advances. The technical program consists of keynote lectures, peer-reviewed paper presentations, panel discussions and presentations by industry professionals. It is envisaged that the conference will provide a platform where opportunities for national and international collaboration amongst top universities (from India and abroad) is plentiful.

Article 4: A Neuro-Fuzzy method for forecasting electricity consumption in the agricultural sector for India
by S. Saravanan, Devineni Gireesh Kumar, Sainadh Singh Kshatri, Nagineni Venkata Sireesha, R. Muneeswar, K. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy


Article 5: Fuzzy Logic Control of Switched Reluctance Motor for Electric Vehicles Applications
by Mohammed Mateen, S. Saravanan, D. Gireesh Kumar, K. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, K. Mahesh, P. Chandrababu


Article 6: Power Sharing Strategy Based on Inverted Droop Controlled Microgrid
by Prabaakaran K, Senthil Kumar R, Srividhya R, Praveen G, Dinesh Kumar R, Sanjai T P


Article 7: Implementation of Leader Follower Approach in Quadcopter
by Pandiyarajan.R, Chandravadhana, Vivek. T, Agnishwar Jayaprakash


Article 9: Improved load frequency control of 2-area power system using nature inspired algorithm
by Pasalapudi Sai Pavan Kumar, Idamakanti Kasireddy, DSNM Rao, Ch. Phani Kumar


Article 11: Power Optimization Scheme in Electric Vehicle Using Induction Motor Based FOPID Control Strategy
by B. Akhil Raj, Devineni Gireesh Kumar, Nagineni Venkata Sireesha, S. Saravanan, DSNM RAO, R. Muneeshwar, Ranjith Kumar Gatla


Article 15: IOT Based Renewable Energy Monitoring System
by Venkata Suresh Yarava and Hari Shankar Jain


Article 16: Finger Print Based Intelligent Locker System
by Senthil Kumar R, Prabaakaran K, Mohammed Ovaiz A, Suguna R, Shanmugapriya M and Naresh Kumar S


Article 17: Fully Automated Sun Drying System for Food Grains
by Senthil Kumar R, Harshavardhan Naidu S, Suguna R, Raghunandhan R, Poovendan V and Sri Sai Vatsan R



Article 24: Synthesis of Micro-encapsuled Beeswax using in-situ polymerization and its characterization
by K. Vijayrakesh, S. Muthuvel, G. R. Gopinath, R. Sudhakar Pandian, G.R. Rajesh Kanna


Article 26: Energy Forecasting using Hybridization of CSO with LSTM
by P. Elumalaivasan, T. Munirathinam, G. Sasi, R. Rajesh, R. Pradeep, B. Rajmohan


Article 31: Design of IoT Based Smart, Portable and Low-Cost Massage Band
by J. Naga Vishnu Vardhan, K. Deekshitha, S. Tejaswini Harshitha, K. Devi Saranya, S. Harika, G. Srinivasa Rao


Article 32: Comparative study on Sudoku using Backtracking algorithm
by T Navya, T J Mounika, S Tharun, Kaladevi R, Hariharan S, Bhanuprasad A


Article 33: Composite and Microencapsulated Phase Change Materials: A Brief Review
by Ashok Kumar B J, Muthuvel S, Rajini N, Gopinath G R, Sudhakara Pandian R and Rajesh Kanna G R