International Conference on Recent and
Future Trends in Smart Electronics System
and Manufacturing

International Conference on Recent and Future Trends in Smart Electronics System and Manufacturing

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International Conference on Recent and Future Trends in Smart Electronics System and Manufacturing

Dr. Ketan Kotecha, Dr. Pritesh Shah, Dr. Ujwala Kshirsagar, Dr. Durgesh Nandan and Dr. M.V.V. Prasad Kantipudi

e-ISBN: 9788770229852

Available: February 2023


An international conference on recent and future Trends for Smart Electronics System Designs and Manufacturing and its applications will be organized with the support of Department of Science and Industrial Research (DSIR), New Delhi by Electronics & Telecommunication Department, Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT). SIT is a constituent of Symbiosis International (Deemed University) which is ranked amongst India’s topmost international universities. SIT endeavours to provide quality education in lines with the requirements of today’s competitive industry and rapid developments in technology.
The theme of proposed conference revolves around advances in the area of smart electronics systems design, manufacturing recent and future trends and will bring together researchers, engineers, industry professionals and practitioners. It encompasses wide and diverse topics of application in almost every field of Business and Services. The conference will also feature pre-conference tutorials/panel discussion and industry invited talks on multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary areas in smart electronics systems design and manufacturing using hands-on/workshops delivered by industry professionals.

The proposed conference is objected for promotion, development and utilization of smart electronics manufacturing Technology, R&D and innovation activities relating for and by large no. of researchers, academicians, PG scholars and practitioners from all over the world.

The main objectives are:
  • To provide a platform for exchange of views, useful insight and learning for the benefit of industry, academia, consultant and research organizations, etc.
  • To create an access to knowledge and research collaboration under one umbrella for the advancement of smart electronic system designs and manufacturing.
  • To conduct activity to support indigenous technology promotion, development, utilization and transfer of knowledge of smart electronics system designs and manufacturing.
  • To promote innovations by students and entrepreneurs by conducting Hackathons, and Panel discussion.
  • To support and promote the policy of “Make in India” and “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

Article 1: Sentiment Analysis using Naïve Bayes Classifiers and Logistic Regression
by Anuja B., Vijayshri K., Vandana R., Niraj B


Article 2: Smart Car Parking System Using Arduino UNO & Mobile Application
by Amit Kumar, Prachi Sinha, Suryansh Agrawal, Debraj Biswas


Article 3: Sentiment analysis using SageMaker and Pytorch
by Mazi Essoloani Aleza, Ravinder Kaur


Article 4: A Survey Paper on CPU Process Scheduling
by Rashmy Moray, Aakash Pradhan, Kuldeep Vayadande, Sayee Chauhan, Sangam Patil, Rohit Thakur, Tanuj Baware, Sameer Naik


Article 6: Machine Learning Based Novel Framework for Malware Detection
by Sonali K, Vijayshri K1Shwetambari C, Ujwala K.


Article 7: A Binary Audio Fingerprint Based Music File Retrieval System
by Sarvesh Rao, Rahul Kodag, Chandrakant Gaikwad


Article 8: Survival Prediction of Malignant Brain Tumour Patients
by Rajput S, Rupal Kapadib, Kanhaiya Sharma, Mehual S. Ravald, Mohendra Roye


Article 9: Voice Controlled Radio Mobile Application with Speech Recognition Using Alan Studio
by Amaan Mithani, Pooja Bagane, Karan Samant, Jashn Anand, Gaurav Gandhi


Article 10: Analysis of properties leading to cytotoxicity of silver nanoparticles using Machine Learning
by Neeru Bhagat, A. S. Desai, Aparna Ashok, Mayur Gaikwad, Selvan Ravindran, Brajesh Pandey


Article 11: Dynamic Dashboard for Real Time Insights on Covid-19
by A. Kannammal, R. R.Venketesz


Article 14: Business Intelligence On Retail Data-A Decision Making Tool Through A dashboard
by A. Kannammal, M. Sarathram, R. Gokulavasan


Article 17: The Role of Chatbots in the higher education sector
by Ruby Chanda, Reena Lenka


Article 18: Coordinate Tracing & Obstacle Avoiding Robotic Car
by Aditya Kumar Patnaik, Malaya Kumar Hota


Article 19: A Novel SMS-Based Crack Detection System
by Aman Nirala, Akshat Jain, Anuja Bokhare, Ishita Aggarwal


Article 20: A Study of User Perception and Adoption of Telemedicine
by Rashmy Moray, Aakash Pradhan


Article 21: Blockchain Supported Charity System to Track the Utilization of Funds
by Swanand W., Shraddha S., Paulami B., Kairav P., Sonali K., Vijayshri K.


Article 22: Redefining Endpoint Security through Next-Gen Monitoring Tools
by Raunak Choudhary, Parul Pachori, Nisha TN


Article 23: Survey Paper on Banker's Algorithm to Remove Deadlock
by Kuldeep Vayadande, Nikita P, Parth Narkhede, Rohit Gurav, Srushti Nikam , Sejal Hukare


Article 24: A Review on Modified Residual Energy Aware for Electing Optimal Cluster Head Selection in Wireless Sensor Network
by Ankita Sharma, Shwetambri Chiwhane, Vijayshri Khedkar, Sonali Tidke


Article 25: Comparative Analysis of Different Text Summarization Models
by Vijayshri Khedkar, Vedant Deshmukh, Priyanka Iyer, Ruchira Lokhande, Nevil Tanna, Sonali Kothari


Article 26: MIMO antenna for mm-wave 5G application
by Rajeshwari Malekar, Saffrine Kingsly, Sangeetha Subbaraj Hema Raut


Article 27: An Efficient MPPT Strategy to Mitigate the Effects of Varying Irradiance on Solar Photovoltaic System
by Ketki Kshirsagar, Chandrakant Bhos, Javed K. Sayyad, Paresh Nasikkar


Article 28: E-commerce Sales Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques
by Vijayshri Khedkar, Anuja Bokhare, Sileshi Girmaw Miretie, Tushar Laad


Article 29: Survey Paper on Memory Allocation Systems
by Kuldeep Vayadande, Aishwarya Pujari, Arvind Shelke, Sakshi Suryawanshi, Siddhant Deshpande, Suyog Savalkar


Article 32: Development of the user interface using Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare
by Manusani A, Singh J, Nihal N, Jaisinghani P, Kamat P, Jadhav P, Kumar S