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River Publishers Series in Mathematical, Statistical and Computational Modelling for Engineering 

Advances in Soft Computing Applications Forthcoming

Shristi Kharola, Graphic Era University, India
Mangey Ram, Graphic Era University, India and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia
Sachin K. Mangla, O.P. Jindal Global University, India and University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
Yigit Kazancoglu, Yasar University, Turkey

ISBN: 9788770228176
e-ISBN: 9788770228169

Price: € 108.50

Available: June 2023



The proclivity of today’s technology to think like humans may be seen in new developing disciplines such as neural computing, fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation, machine learning, and probabilistic reasoning. These strategies are grouped together into one main technique known as “soft computing.” This book discusses the most recent soft computing and fuzzy logic-based applications and innovations in industrial advancements, supply chain and logistics, system optimization, decision-making, artificial intelligence, smart systems, and other rapidly evolving technologies. In today's competitive world, the book provides soft computing solutions to help companies overcome the obstacles posed by sophisticated decision-making systems.


Fuzzy logic; latent feature; expert evaluation; membership function; linguistic variable; supplier selection; FMOORA; FGT; homogeneous decision making; distributed control system; PLC; intelligent control; complex performance; digital economy; digital transformation; performance evaluation; key performance indicators; ecosystem; innovations; robot selection; fuzzy set theory; tangible and intangible factor; group decision making; fuzzy optimization; optimal introduction time; successive generation; playfair cipher; Diffie–Hellman algorithm; soft computing; public key; private key, monarchy; coordinate address; encryption; decryption; secret key; renewable energy systems; fuzzy theory; multi-criteria decision-making; non-renewable energy systems; fuzzy analytical hierarchy process; fuzzification; de-fuzzification; disease diagnosis; healthcare; kidney disease; lung disease; heart disease; distance measure; entropy; Pythagorean fuzzy sets; technique for order of preference by similarity to ideal solution; Covid-19; coronavirus; manufacturing; barriers; data analysis; visualization; genetic algorithms; random forest; logistic regression, neural network; artificial Intelligence; robotics; machine learning; automation; Industrial 4.0; robots; Internet of things; marketing; operations and supply chain management; technological intelligence; fuzzy reliability; time-dependent hexagonal fuzzy number; failure rate; α-cut set.