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River Publishers Series in Energy Management 

Finance and Accounting for Energy Engineers and Engineers in All Disciplines Forthcoming

Author: S. “Bobby” Rauf, Sem-Train, LLC, USA

ISBN: 9788770223515
e-ISBN: 9788770224529

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Available: August 2023



This second edition provides an overview of important principles in the fields of finance and accounting, and the application of those principles for financial analysis of energy and non-energy capital investments. It bridges the gap between the typical business school “MBA” knowledge and its application in energy and non-energy engineering, project management or manufacturing management.

The book is a self-study guide for energy and non-energy engineers and managers who either lack formal training in the subjects of finance, accounting, and engineering economics, or simply need a means to refresh their knowledge in these subjects. Many energy and non-energy engineers and technical managers feel inadequately equipped to comprehend and apply certain important finance and accounting principles. Understanding of finance and accounting principles is important in interfacing and conducting business with accountants, financial analysts, and members of upper management. This book is designed to familiarize energy engineers and other engineering professionals - in a relatively simple and easy to understand fashion - with decision making skills founded on financial calculations and case study based quantitative analysis.


Organizational structures, break even analysis, energy project economics, engineering project economics, time value of money, revenues, savings, direct costs, indirect costs. EUAC, equalized uniform annual cost. Financial reporting requirements, 10-K, 10-Q and 8-K. Income statements, balance sheets, cash flow and working capital. Financial metrics, financial ratios, payback period, future value, present value, IRR, ROI, NPV, ROE, ROR, current ratio, acid test ratio, plant turnover ratio. Depreciation, depreciation alternatives, S/L, double declining balance, SOY Digits, statutory depreciation methods, ACRS, MACRS. Inventory, inventory concepts, FIFO, LIFO, EOQ, inventory order cycle, WIP Inventory, inventory carrying costs, ordering costs. Electric and gas bill schedules, bill calculations and analysis. Life cycle cost and repair vs. replace decisions and analysis. EPC, energy performance contracting and ESCOs. Lease and capital investment alternatives. EPC contracts and demand elasticity