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River Publishers Series in River Rapids 

Introduction to Quantum Computing Forthcoming

Author: Ahmed Banafa, Stanford University, USA

ISBN: 9788770228411
e-ISBN: 9788770228763

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Available: August 2023



This book explores quantum computing as a transformative technology and its applications in cryptography, teleportation, IoT, AI, and Blockchain, and the futurist concept of quantum internet. It explains the fundamentals of quantum computing and how it’s different from classic computing, also the challenges facing quantum computing will be discussed, in addition to types of quantum computing, will be introduced and explained. The concept and types of Qubit and its implications on quantum computing applications will be explained.


IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Entanglement, Superposition, Teleportation, Quantum Internet, Quantum Communications, Logical Qubits, Physical Qubits, Quantum Emulator/Simulator, Quantum Annealer, Noisy Intermediate-Scale, Quantum Computer, NISQ, Universal Quantum Computers, Cryptographically Relevant Quantum Computers, CRQC, Post-Quantum, Quantum-Resistant, AI, Quantum Cryptography