ICML 55.1 Standard

As the world-class authority on machinery lubrication that advances the optimization of asset reliability, utilization and costs ICML introduced lubrication-specific standards in 2019 that spell out requirements and guidelines for effective, audit-ready, certifiable management of lubricated mechanical assets. Collectively known as ICML 55, these standards are strategically aligned to ISO 55000 and are intended to support an organization’s physical asset management plans.

ICML 55® Series

International Council for Machinery Lubrication

ICML 55.1 Standard
ICML 55.1 Standard
Requirements for the Optimized Lubrication of Mechanical Physical Assets
Defines WHAT to do

ISBN: 9788770040358 e-ISBN: 9788770040341

Available: July 2023

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Defines WHAT to do

  • Comprehensive, practical requirements structured within 12 interrelated areas for the successful, sustainable management of a best-practice LMS
  • An enabling standard in support of physical asset management in accordance with ISO 55001
  • Co-authored by an international team of 45 technical contributors
  • The document against which your program actually gets audited

The adoption of ICML 55.1 requirements, as augmented by ICML 55.2 guidelines, will enable an organization to achieve its objectives of effectively and efficiently managing its physical lubrication and lubricant asset policies, strategies, and plans.

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