Cutting-edge Technologies in Biological Sensing and Analysis

Cutting-edge Technologies in Biological Sensing and Analysis

River Publishers Series in Biomedical Engineering

Cutting-edge Technologies in Biological Sensing and Analysis

Anh Hung Nguyen, Ph.D., Research Scientist, UC Irvine, USA
Sang Jun Sim, Ph.D., Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Korea University
Hung Cao, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, and Computer Science, UC Irvine, USA

ISBN: 9788770223799 e-ISBN: 9788770225854

Available: February 2024

Advanced technologies have been transforming the ways we carry out biological studies as well as deliver healthcare. While micro- and nano-fabrication have provided miniaturized sensors and systems with better sensitivity and selectivity,; innovations in flexible electronics, biomaterials and telecommunications have helped in enabling novel biomedical devices, reducing cost, bringing convenience and establishing mobile-health (m-Health), and personalized- and telemedicine. Further, the recent rise of the Internet of things (IoTs) and machine learning-based approaches has paved the avenue for those biomedical systems to become popular and widely accepted by our society.
In this context, we edit this book aiming to cover a broad field of novel technologies used in biological assessment and analysis for humans, animal models and invitro platforms, in both health monitoring and biological studies.

Technical topics discussed in the book include:                    

  • Biosensing systems and biomedical techniques
  • Imaging techniques and systems
  • Biosignal analysis
  • Animal models used in biological research
Circulating Cell-free DNA and RNA, plasmonic biosensors, liquid biopsies, cardiovascular, phage-based biosensors, tissue clearing, contrast agents, electroencephalogram