Privacy and Security for Mobile Crowdsourcing

Privacy and Security for Mobile Crowdsourcing

River Publishers Series in Digital Security and Forensics

Privacy and Security for Mobile Crowdsourcing

Author: Shabnam Sodagari, USA

ISBN: 9788770228619 e-ISBN: 9788770228961

Available: December 2023

This concise guide to mobile crowdsourcing and crowdsensing vulnerabilities and countermeasures walks readers through a series of examples, discussions, tables, initiative figures, and diagrams to present to them security and privacy foundations and applications. Discussed approaches help build intuition to apply these concepts to a broad range of system security domains toward dimensioning of next generations of mobiles crowdsensing applications. This book offers vigorous techniques as well as new insights for both beginners and seasoned professionals. It reflects on recent advancesand research achievements.

Technical topics discussed in the book include but are not limited to:                    

  • Risks affecting crowdsensing platforms
  • Spatio-temporal privacy of crowdsourced applications
  • Differential privacy for data mining crowdsourcing
  • Blockchain-based crowdsourcing
  • Secure wireless mobile crowdsensing.
This book is accessible to readers in mobile computer/communication industries as well as academic staff and students in computer science,electrical engineering, telecommunication systems, business information systems, and crowdsourced mobile app developers.