Zero-trust - An Introduction

Zero-trust - An Introduction

River Publishers Series in Computer Engineering and Information Science and Technology

Zero-trust - An Introduction Forthcoming

Author: Tom Madsen, Security Architect KMD

ISBN: 9788770228534 e-ISBN: 9788770228886

Available: January 2024

The book provides you with information on how to implement and manage a zero-trust architecture across these different layers of an infrastructure.  It is an introduction to the overall purpose of zero-trust and the benefits that zero-trust can bring to an infrastructure, across many different technologies:

  • Cloud
  • Networking
  • Identity management
  • Operational Technology (OT)
  • 5G

 Zero-trust is not a product, but a way of thinking about design and architecture. Cisco and Microsoft are used as the technology vendors, but the steps and information are equally applicable to other technology vendors.

Zero-trust, architecture, design, Cloud, networking, identity, 5G