The Role of the Measurement and Verification Professional

The Role of the Measurement and Verification Professional
Judgment and Decision-making in the Application of M&V

River Publishers Series in Energy Management

The Role of the Measurement and Verification Professional
Judgment and Decision-making in the Application of M&V

Author: Steve Kromer, SKEE, United States

ISBN: 9788770041058 e-ISBN: 9788770041041

Available: May 2024

Measurement and verification (M&V) is the accounting system for energy management. Implementing M&V as a professional requires both a broad understanding of concepts and contexts and an awareness of the fundamental tools used in estimating impacts of energy management.  This book will assist those seeking to become M&V professionals by establishing the framework within which to conduct successful M&V.  It does this by:

Laying out the fundamental concepts underpinning M&V methods. A full understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the fundamental methods allows the professional to communicate effectively. 

Reviewing the most common M&V guidelines and protocols. Many people enter the world of M&V through the various guidelines that attempt to standardize M&V methods. In this book you will learn about how these documents are aligned, and how and why they differ. 

Providing a list of the most common technical issues and areas requiring judgement that arise in every M&V project. Many of the activities of M&V involve technical tasks and analysis. Much of the core content of these tasks is developed fully in texts related to energy engineering.  In this book you will learn how to incorporate energy engineering concepts into your M&V projects. Being a professional means making informed and sound decisions using good judgement. Being a successful M&V professional means communicating these decisions and judgements throughout the M&V process.  This book is intended to expose the typical challenges faced in M&V and provide the tools for the M&V professional to conduct successful M&V now and into the future. 

M&V has often been defined as an art and a science. The art of M&V is expressed through the judgements that the M&V professional makes during an M&V project. The science of M&V is within the domain of those aspects that can be measured, quantified and reported. While the technical tasks within M&V are important, the most important task of the M&V professional is to establish and maintain clear and consistent communication among all parties throughout the M&V process.

Energy management, measurement and verification, performance verification, impacts, counterfactual, models, metering, uncertainty, judgement, efficiency, productivity


  1. Introduction
  2. Concepts and Contexts - The Activities of the M&V Professional
  3. Standards of Practice
  4. Practical Considerations
  5. Conclusion
  6. Glossary
  7. Appendices