Homage (and Criticism) to the Mediterranean City

Homage (and Criticism) to the Mediterranean City
Regional Sustainability and Economic Resilience

River Publishers Series in Social, Urban, Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Homage (and Criticism) to the Mediterranean City
Regional Sustainability and Economic Resilience Forthcoming

Ioannis Vardopoulos, Harokopio University of Athens, Greece
Francisco Escrivà Saneugenio, University of Valencia, Spain
Adele Sateriano, Independent researcher, Rome, Italy
Luca Salvati, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

ISBN: 9788770041775 e-ISBN: 9788770041768

Available: August 2024

Departing from conventional narratives centered on economic stagnation and social secularism, this book offers a fresh perspective on Mediterranean urbanities. It posits their correlation with housing and welfare regimes, societal transformations, local governance structures, and deficiencies in spatial planning. The analysis within delves into the neglected potential for mitigating regional disparities, conducting a meticulous examination of environmental disparities, economic imbalances, and overarching social inequalities in Southern European regions. The outcome aims to furnish an integrated, and potentially holistic, understanding of spatial divisions between cities and their surrounding territories.
Applied economics, geography, regional demography, urban development, spatial planning, rural sociology.

Chapter 1. Mediterranean Cities, Regional Sustainability, and Economic Resilience
Chapter 2. Whispers of Change: Thirty Years for Redefining the 'Mediterranean City'
Chapter 3. The Extrinsic Manifestation of Sprawl: Complex Dynamics of Urbanization, Land Imperviousness, and Sustainability in Mediterranean Landscapes
Chapter 4. Deciphering Metropolitan Expansion: Settlement Patterns and Socio-environmental Dynamics
Chapter 5. From ‘Cityscape’ to ‘Poolside’: A Comprehensive Analysis of Sprawl in the Mediterranean