5G Networks

5G Networks
An Overview of Architecture, Design, Use Case, and Deployment

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5G Networks
An Overview of Architecture, Design, Use Case, and Deployment Forthcoming

Atahar Khan, Cisco Systems, India
Satya Priyo Dhar, Cisco Systems, India
Ramakrishnan Shanmugasundaram, Cisco Systems, India
Joe Chemparathy, Cisco Systems, India

ISBN: 9788770041935 e-ISBN: 9788770041928

Available: May 2024

This book provides comprehensive coverage of building an end-to-end view on how to architect, design, and orchestrate a 5G capable network that will integrate with 5G RAN, IP transport, datacenters, Telco Cloud, and 5G packet networks. It contains real-world examples with challenges and success strategies for deploying 5G Transport with closed-loop automation. It also focuses on aspects like scale, performance, latency, security, and manageability while building 5G transport for some of the world's largest 5G networks as well as migration approaches from 4G to 5G transport and core network.

5G is an emerging technology that mobile service providers (MNO/MVNO) across the world are embracing. They are willing to invest in enabling their infrastructure for 5G and explore new business opportunities with their enterprise/mobile customers. As per the Gartner survey, the majority of communication service provider (CSP) revenue will come from 5G.

5G is going to open the door to new applications such as wireless virtual reality, low latency machine-to-machine communication, smart city infrastructure, autonomous vehicles, IoT deployment, artificial intelligence-based applications, industrial automation and so much more.
5G architecture design, planning and deployment, automation framework, network slicing, 5G RAN, transport, packet core, Telco Cloud and automation