Intelligence in Chip: Integrated Sensors and Memristive Computing

Intelligence in Chip: Integrated Sensors and Memristive Computing

River Publishers Series in Electronic Materials, Circuits and Devices

Intelligence in Chip: Integrated Sensors and Memristive Computing Forthcoming

Alex James, Digital University Kerala
Alon Ascoli, Politecnico di Torino
Bhaskar Choubey, Siegen University

ISBN: 9788770042536 e-ISBN: 9788770228695

Available: May 2024

Intelligence in Chips: Integrated Sensors and Memristive Computing is an authoritative resource that navigates the exciting landscape of in-memory computing, neuromorphic circuits, and memristive technologies. This book curates expert insights from leading researchers like Abu Sebastian, Alex James, Alon Ascoli, Arindam Basu, Cory Merkel, Fernando Corinto, Jason Eshraghian, Rainer Waser, Spiros Nikolaidis, Stephan Menzel, and Vishal Saxena, highlighting some of the important contributions in the field. Through a comprehensive collection of talks, readers will gain deep insights into how memristive neural computing is revolutionizing artificial intelligence.

The book covers the latest innovations in memristor array computing, brain-inspired circuits, neuromorphic event-driven vision, bio-inspired computing, and nonlinear phenomena in biological systems. Each chapter is authored by a distinguished expert, offering a multi-perspective analysis on how emerging technologies are pushing the boundaries of edge-AI and mixed-signal hardware.

Whether you're a researcher, engineer, or student, this book is an essential guide that explores the confluence of circuit theory, artificial intelligence, and memristor technology, providing readers with practical methodologies and visionary outlooks for the future.
Analog neural computing, memristive systems, neuromorphic circuits, in-memory computing, bio-inspired computing, brain-inspired circuits, nonlinear circuits, spiking neural networks, memristor array computing, AI hardware, edge-AI.