Convergence of Blockchain and Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Convergence of Blockchain and Explainable Artificial Intelligence

River Publishers Series in Digital Security and Forensics

Convergence of Blockchain and Explainable Artificial Intelligence
BlockXAI Forthcoming

Akansha Singh, Bennett University, Greater Noida, India
Krishna Kant Singh, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida, India

ISBN: 9788770041751 e-ISBN: 9788770041744

Available: October 2024

Explainable AI (XAI) is an upcoming research field in the domain of machine learning. This book aims to provide a detailed description of the topics related to XAI and Blockchain. These two technologies can benefit each other, and the research outcomes will benefit society in multiple ways.

Existing AI systems make decisions in a black box manner. Explainable AI delineates how an AI system arrived at a particular decision. It inspects the steps and models that are responsible for making a particular decision. It is an upcoming trend that aims at providing explanations to the AI decisions. Blockchain is emerging as an effective technique for XAI. It enables accessibility to digital ledgers amongst the various AI agents. The AI agents collaborate using consensus and decisions are saved on Blocks. These blocks can be traced back but cannot be changed. Thus, the combination of AI with blockchain provides transparency and visibility to all AI decisions. BlockXAI is also being widely used for improving data security and intelligence. The decisions made are consensus based and decentralized leading to highly efficient AI systems.  This book also covers topics that present the convergence of Blockchain with explainable AI and will provide researchers, academics, and industry experts with a complete guide to BlockXAI.

  1. BlockXAI: Review of Blockchain for Explainable Artificial Intelligence            
  2. XAI decision MODELS: Programming models for Decentralized BlockXAI    
  3. Blockchain Based Frameworks for Explainable AI             
  4. Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI): Notions of Explainability and its Integration with Blockchain          
  5. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) â?? An Advancement in the Development of Computer Technology  
  6. Humanâ??Computer Interaction and Explainable Artificial Intelligence: For the Effective Use of Technology             
  7. BMRP: Blockchain-based Medication Reconciliation Process in EHR to Improve Patient Safety     
  8. Blockchain-based IoT Healthcare Data Using a Narrow Elliptical Curve With the Particle Swarm Optimization (Necpso) Approach      
  9. BlockXAI: Challenges and Future