AI Revolution

AI Revolution
Mastering AI for Personal and Organizational Growth

AI Revolution
Mastering AI for Personal and Organizational Growth Forthcoming

Author: Tero Ojanperä

ISBN: 9788770042321 e-ISBN: 9788770042314

Available: October 2024

"The AI Revolution" is a practical guide to using new AI tools, such as ChatGPT, DALLE and Midjourney. Learn how to multiply your productivity by guiding or prompting AI in various ways. The book also introduces Microsoft Copilot, Google Bard, and Adobe Photoshop Generative Fill, among other new applications.

ChatGPT reached a hundred million users in just two months after its release, faster than any other application before. This marked the advent of the generative AI era. Generative AI models generate text, images, music, videos, and even 3D models in ways previously thought impossible for machines. The book explains in an understandable manner how these AI models work.

The book provides examples of how AI increases productivity, which professions are changing or disappearing, and how job markets will evolve in the coming years. With this book, you'll learn to recognize the opportunities and risks AI offers. Understand what this change demands from individuals and companies and what strategic skills are required. The book also covers legal questions caused by generative AI, like copyrights, data protection, and AI regulation.

It also ponders societal impacts. AI produces content, thus influencing language, culture, and even worldviews. Therefore, it's crucial to understand by whom and how AI is trained. The AI revolution started by ChatGPT is just the beginning. This handbook is for you if you want to keep up with the rapid development of AI.

Generative AI, Large Language Models, ChatGPT Guide, AI Productivity, AI Applications, AI Disruption, Artificial Intelligence Ethics, AI Regulation
CHAPTER 1 | AI Primer: How a Superhero is Born
CHAPTER 2 | Prompting - Learn to Use ChatGPT and Other AI Applications
CHAPTER 3 | A White-Collar Worker's Dream or Nightmare?
CHAPTER 4 | Productivity Leap - Internet to the Power of 2
CHAPTER 5 | AI Changes Society
CHAPTER 6 | Intelligent Robots to Our Aid
CHAPTER 7 | At Least Lawyers Have Plenty of Work
CHAPTER 8 | Will AI Define Our Culture, Language, and Worldview?

CHAPTER 9 | Singularity - AI surpasses human understanding