Internet of Things and M2M Communications

Internet of Things and M2M Communications

River Publishers Series in Computing and Information Science and Technology

Internet of Things and M2M Communications

Editor: Fabrice Theoleyre,CNRS, University of Strasbourg, France and Ai-Chun Pang, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

ISBN: 9788792982483

Available: May 2013

The Internet of Things is the emerging technology which interconnects smart objects using wireless communications. After having been extensively studied in academic labs, the Internet of Things is now widely applied in the industrial world (e.g. domestic automation, smart metering, smart cities).

Internet of Things and M2M Communications presents the key concepts used in the Internet of Things. In particular, Machine to Machine (M2M) communications have to be energy efficient so that all the smart objects may operate for years on a single battery. Besides, whilst constructing an efficient global digital world combining personal/private and external/general data, security and privacy issues have also to be covered adequately.


Part I. Energy Constrained IoT
Effect of Data Aggregation in M2M Networks
OR-AHad: An Opportunistic Routing Algorithm for Energy Harvesting WSN
An Off-line Tool for Accurately Estimating the Lifetime of a Wireless Mote

Part II. Transmission Scheduling
Delay-Constrained Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks
Distributed Scheduling for Cooperative Tracking in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks
Time Synchronization on Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks: A Bio-Inspired Approach

Part III. Security & Tests
Secure Access Control and Authority Delegation Based on Capability and Context Awareness for Federated IoT
Jamming and Physical Layer Security for Cooperative Wireless Communication Performance Modeling and Simulation of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Systems
Internet of Things, protocols, security, green networking, Wireless Sensor Networks