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River Publishers Series in Communications and Networking 

Convergence of Communications, Navigation, Sensing and Services

L.P. Ligthart an R. Prasad, Chairman CONASENSE, NL & CTIF, Aalborg University, DK

ISBN: 9788793102750

Price: € 90.00

Available: March 2014



Activities on integrated communications, navigation, sensing and services are urgently needed in a wide range of human-centered and/or device-centered system applications. They require a multi-disciplinary approach. It is foreseen that the economic scale of these activities are comparable with the present scale of wireless communications. The area in which systems operate can vary from personal area network to global network.

This book covers the following topics;

  • CONASENSE Architecture
  • Performance Analyses of Integrated Communication Systems
  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Brain Computer Interfacing
  • Quality Improvement of Generic Services
  • Machine to Machine communications
  • Chip to Chip Communications

Thus, the multi-disciplinary approach get attention in the book.


Ad Hoc, Area Efficient Antennas, Brain plasticity, Cognitive Radio Networks, Energy harvesting, Navigation, Positioning, Resource Management, Service oriented architectures