Advances in Intelligent Robotics and Collaborative Automation

Advances in Intelligent Robotics and Collaborative Automation

River Publishers Series in Automation, Control and Robotics

Advances in Intelligent Robotics and Collaborative Automation

Yuriy P. Kondratenko, Black Sea State University, Ukraine
Richard J. Duro, University of A Coruña, Spain

ISBN: 9788793237032

Available: May 2015


This book provides an overview of a series of advanced research lines in robotics as well as of design and development methodologies for intelligent robots and their intelligent components. It represents a selection of extended versions of the best papers presented at the Seventh IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications IDAACS 2013 that were related to these topics. Its contents integrate state of the art computational intelligence based techniques for automatic robot control to novel distributed sensing and data integration methodologies that can be applied to intelligent robotics and automation systems. The objective of the text was to provide an overview of some of the problems in the field of robotic systems and intelligent automation and the approaches and techniques that relevant research groups within this area are employing to try to solve them.

The contributions of the different authors have been grouped into four main sections:

  • Robots
  • Control and Intelligence
  • Sensing
  • Collaborative automation

The chapters have been structured to provide an easy to follow introduction to the topics that are addressed, including the most relevant references, so that anyone interested in this field can get started in the area.

robotics, intelligent systems, distributed sensing, collaborative automation.

Chapter 1: A Modular Architecture for Developing Robots for Industrial Applications
by A. Faíña, F. Orjales, D. Souto, F. Bellas and R. J. Duro


Chapter 3: An Autonomous Scale Ship Model for Parametric Rolling Towing Tank Testing
by M. Míguez González, A. Deibe, F. Orjales, B. Priego and F. López Peña


Chapter 6: A Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Approach for the Efficient Control of Mobile Robots
by U. Dziomin, A. Kabysh, R. Stetter and V. Golovko


Chapter 7: Underwater Robot Intelligent Control Based on Multilayer Neural Network
by D. A. Oskin, A. A. Dyda, S. Longhi and A. Monteriù


Chapter 8: Advanced Trends in Design of Slip Displacement Sensors for Intelligent Robots
by Y. P. Kondratenko and V. Y. Kondratenko


Chapter 9: Distributed Data Acquisition and Control Systems for a Sized Autonomous Vehicle
by T. Happek, U. Lang, T. Bockmeier, D. Neubauer and A. Kuznietsov


Chapter 10: Polymetric Sensing in Intelligent Systems
by Yu. Zhukov, B. Gordeev, A. Zivenko and A. Nakonechniy


Chapter 11: Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Multilevel Femtocells for Home Monitoring
by D. Popescu, G. Stamatescu, A. M˘aciuc˘a and M. Strut¸u


Chapter 13: M2M in Agriculture – Business Models and Security Issues
by S. Gansemer, J. Sell, U. Grossmann, E. Eren, B. Horster, T. Horster-Möller and C. Rusch