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Assessing Sustainability of Agricultural Systems: Balancing Context Specificity and Generality

Author: Vicent Gasso-Tortajada, Aarhus University Department of Engineering, Denmark

e-ISBN: 9788793237254

doi: https://doi.org/10.13052/rp-9788793237322

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Available: December 2014
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Technical | Layman


Can we "measure" sustainability? Should we use global or local sustainability metrics? Where should we place the bar to consider a farm sustainable? How should metrics be designed to better enhance learning, consciousness change, and sustainability action? This PhD dissertation addresses questions like these and presents a rationale for balancing the level of context-specificity and -generality of sustainability assessment frameworks to effectively and efficiently assess and incentivise the sustainability of agricultural systems ranging from food to bioenergy production.



List of Publications for PhD:

Generic sustainability assessment themes and the role of context: the case of Danish maize for German biogas, Gasso, V., Oudshoorn, F.W., de Olde, E. and Sørensen, C.G. Ecological Indicators. 2014, Citations

An Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Controlled Traffic Farming, Gasso, V., Oudshoorn, F.W., Sørensen, C.G. and Pedersen, H.H. Journal of Cleaner Production. 2014, Citations

Benchmarking for locally tuned sustainability: the case of energy and water use in New Zealand vineyards, Gasso, V., Barber, A., Moller, H., Oudshoorn, F.W. and Sørensen, C.G. . , Citations