School Culture Improvement

School Culture Improvement

River Publishers Series in Innovation and Change in Education - Cross-cultural Perspective

School Culture Improvement

Author: Zhang Dongjiao, Beijing Normal University, China

ISBN: 9788793237926

Available: December 2015

School Culture Improvement follows an abstract-concrete-abstract train of thought. The first three chapters answer the questions from the angle of abstract theory: what is the school culture and how is it managed? What is the school culture drive model? What is the school culture assessment? The two chapters thereafter solve major problems from the perspective of operations: how to develop the school culture solution and how to implement the school culture and promote cultural practices? The book concludes at the abstract theoretical level, on the position of sociological reflection, exploring what is the rationality and legitimacy of school culture and how does school culture happen?

School Culture Improvement is one of the few school culture monographs which aims directly at management. Its contribution and features lie in two aspects: connecting school culture and school improvement and connecting research on project case and school culture, thus establishing a relatively complete system of school culture improvement theory.

In this book, the author originates the following views and models: concept of school culture, school culture tripod structure theory, school culture spectrum theory, school culture drive model, and school culture unity and conflict.
School culture; Campus culture; School cultural improvement; Spiritual culture of schools; Behavioral culture; System culture; Material culture; School running practice; School culture tripod structure theory; School culture spectrum theory; School culture-driven model; School culture assessment; School culture scheme; Promotion of school culture practice; Conflict and solidarity.