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River Publishers Series in Digital Security and Forensics 

Wireless Independent Living for a Greying Population

Author: Lara Srivastava, CtiF, Aalborg University/International Telecommunications Union

ISBN: 9788792329226

Price: € 85.00

Available: April 2009



It is widely known today that not only are the aged ageing, or the old getting older, but they are also increasing in number the world over. At the same time, proper care and support for our aged is increasingly at risk. Without some form of support, the quantitative extension of life cannot be matched by a qualitative one. This may mean that the opportunity provided by a longer life is squandered, and life itself, of course, is nothing if not opportunity. Societies find that self-sufficiency and independence not only contribute to individual well-being, but are also economically desirable due to the resultant increase in productivity.
The challenges of daily living for a growing population of the aged form the basis of the independent living platform, the AGE@HOME platform, which is described in this book. The platform combines both existing and emerging technologies suitable for the home. Its use and application is considered in the wider context of Web 2.0, the internet of things, and other elements of the burgeoning digital world. It is time that a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to this constantly enlarging area of human existence is taken.
This book is written for researchers and designers of wireless tools, analog and digital circuits as well as academics who are active in the various fields of Human Sciences.

"This book appears at the right moment when several developments have made age and its consequences an important element of human existence. It makes for informative reading, being based on considerations related to independence for the aged and the application of emerging technologies to enhance this independence......."
From the foreword by:
Houlin Zhao
Deputy Secretary-General of the
International Telecommunication Union


Wireless Independent Living for a Greying Population