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River Publishers Series in Polymer Science 

Basics of Polymer Chemistry

Author: Muralisrinivasan Natamai Subramanian, Consultant, India

ISBN: 9788793519015
e-ISBN: 9788793519022

Price: € 80.00

Available: October 2017



Basics of Polymer Chemistry is of great interest to the chemistry audience. The basic properties of polymers, including diverse fundamental and applied aspects, are presented. This book constitutes a basis for understanding polymerization, and it presents a comprehensive overview of the scientific research of polymers. The chapters presented can be used as a reference for those interested in understanding the sustainable development in polymers.

Basics of Polymer Chemistry provides a balanced coverage of the key developments in this field, and highlights recent and emerging technical achievements. The topics covered present a comprehensive overview of the subject area and are therefore of interest to professors and students. The recent developments in polymerization using catalysts, homo and copolymerization are presented, and it contains current efforts in designing new polymer architectures. Improved property performance attributes of the polymers by controlling their molecular-structural characteristics such as molecular weight distribution, comonomer type content distribution, and branching level are also discussed.


Polymerization, polymer science, addition, condensation, cationic, anionic, degradation, monomer, polyolefins, polyesters, polyamides, tacticity, orientation, crystallinity, functional groups