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River Publishers Series in Innovation and Change in Education - Cross-cultural Perspective 

Beijing Model of Gifted Education and Talent Development

Zhongxiong Fang, Beijing Academy of Education Sciences, China
Yi Zhang, Beijing Education Innovation Development Research Association, China
Xiangyun Du, Professor Department of Learning and Philosophy, Aalborg University, and College of Education, Qatar University, Qatar
Xingli Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

ISBN: 9788793519442
e-ISBN: 9788793519435

Price: € 70.00

Available: December 2016



In China, talent development has been one of the key areas of attention in national focus for the development of science and technology, education, and other areas over the past three decades, and it is especially emphasized in the national outline for medium- and long-term educational reform and development. Beijing is the leading city in educational reform, especially in the area of gifted education in mainland China. Over the past 35 years, through constant exploration and research, a comprehensive gifted education system called the Beijing Model of Gifted Education and Talent Development (BMGETD) has gradually been developed.

This book presents a summary of the educational practices used in, and the research done on the BMGETD over these decades. This includes several patterns for gifted education, such as acceleration in special classes, special classes without acceleration, enrichment within regular classes, and a joint program among high schools, universities, and professional academic institutions.


Beijing Model, Gifted Education, Talent Development, creativity, innovative thinking, curriculum change, innovative teaching methods, intellectual development, Chinese educational system, primary schools, middle schools, high schools, university, research institutes.