Cybersecurity and Privacy - Bridging the Gap

Cybersecurity and Privacy - Bridging the Gap

River Publishers Series in Communications and Networking

Cybersecurity and Privacy - Bridging the Gap

Samant Khajuria, CMI/Aalborg University, Denmark
Lene Sørensen, CMI/Aalborg University, Denmark
Knud Erik Skouby, CMI/Aalborg University, Denmark

ISBN: 9788793519664 e-ISBN: 9788793519657

Available: March 2017

The huge potential in future connected services has as a precondition that privacy and security needs are dealt with in order for new services to be accepted. This issue is increasingly on the agenda both at company and at individual level.

Cybersecurity and Privacy - bridging the gap addresses two very complex fields of the digital world, i.e., Cybersecurity and Privacy. These multifaceted, multidisciplinary and complex issues are usually understood and valued differently by different individuals, data holders and legal bodies. But a change in one field immediately affects the others. Policies, frameworks, strategies, laws, tools, techniques, and technologies - all of these are tightly interwoven when it comes to security and privacy.

This book is another attempt to bridge the gap between the industry and academia. The book addresses the views from academia and industry on the subject. Technical topics discussed in the book include:
  • Cybersecurity
  • Encryption
  • Privacy policy
  • Trust
  • Security and Internet of Things
  • Botnets
  • Data risks
  • Cloudbased Services
  • Visualization
Cybersecurity, Encryption, Privacy policy, Trust, Security and Internet of Things, Botnets, Data risks, Cloudbased Services, Visualization