River Publishers Series in Digital Security and Forensics


Author: William J. Buchanan, OBE, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

ISBN: 9788793379107 e-ISBN: 9788793609143

Available: September 2017

Cryptography has proven to be one of the most contentious areas in modern society. For some it protects the rights of individuals to privacy and security, while for others it puts up barriers against the protection of our society. This book aims to develop a deep understanding of cryptography, and provide a way of understanding how privacy, identity provision and integrity can be enhanced with the usage of encryption.

The book has many novel features including:
  • full provision of Web-based material on almost every topic covered
  • provision of additional on-line material, such as videos, source code, and labs
  • coverage of emerging areas such as Blockchain, Light-weight Cryptography and Zero-knowledge Proofs (ZKPs)

Key areas covered include:
  • Fundamentals of Encryption
  • Public Key Encryption
  • Symmetric Key Encryption
  • Hashing Methods
  • Key Exchange Methods
  • Digital Certificates and Authentication
  • Tunneling
  • Crypto Cracking
  • Light-weight Cryptography
  • Blockchain
  • Zero-knowledge Proofs

This book provides extensive support through the associated website of: http://asecuritysite.com/encryption
Ciphers, Secret Key Encryption, Hashing, Public Key, Key Exchange, Authentication and Digital Certificates, Tunneling, Crypto Cracking, Light-weight Cryptography, Blockchain, Zero Knowledge proofs, Wifi