River Publishers Series in Software Engineering

Cybernetics in C++

Author: Avi Bhattacharyya, Shomiron Institute, UK

ISBN: 9788793609457 e-ISBN: 9788793609440

Available: July 2018

C++ is a powerful, much sought after programming language, but can be daunting to work with, even for engineering professionals.

Why is this book so useful? Have you ever wondered:
  • How do keywords like static and virtual change their meanings according to context?
  • What are the similarities and differences between Pointers and References, Pointers and Arrays, Constructors and Copy Constructors, Nested and Local Inner Classes?
  • Why is Multiple Interface Inheritance seen to be beautiful but Multiple Implementation Inheritance considered evil?
  • When is Polymorphism Static or Dynamic, Bounded or Unbounded?
Answers on these questions, and much more, are explained in this book, Cybernetics in C++. What makes this text so different and appealing in comparison to existing books on the market?
  • The Bulleted style, as opposed to Prose, produces results much faster, both in learning and reference
  • Rules of Thumb, and further expert Tips are given throughout in how to optimise your code
  • The Prospective Evils sections tell you what to avoid
  • The thorough coverage ensures you will be trained to expert level in each of Imperative, Procedural, Memory & Resource Management, Object Oriented and Generic Programming
Cybernetics in C++ combines a theoretical overview and practical approach in one book, which should prove to be a useful reference for computer scientists, software programmers, engineers and students in this and related field.
C++, Computer Programming, Software Languages, Object Oriented Programming, Imperative Programming, Procedural Programming, Generic Programming