Selected Topics in Power, RF, and Mixed-Signal ICs

Selected Topics in Power, RF, and Mixed-Signal ICs

River Publishers Series in Electronic Materials, Circuits and Devices

Selected Topics in Power, RF, and Mixed-Signal ICs

Yan Lu, University of Macau, China
Chi-Seng Lam, University of Macau, China

ISBN: 9788793609402 e-ISBN: 9788793609396

Available: December 2017

Driven by advanced CMOS technology, power management units, RF transceivers, and sensors, analog and mixed-signal circuits can now be fully integrated with VLSI digital systems for applications ranging from mobile, internet-of-things (IoT), wearable, and implantable medical devices. Evidently, the circuit- and system-level innovations have pushed the device performance boundaries to become orders of magnitude higher, whilst keeping the same or even lower power consumption.

Selected Topic in Power, RF, and Mixed-Signal ICs provides a practical overview and state-of-the-art advancements on several selected topics in the areas of power, RF, and mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems.

Topics covered in the book include:
  • Very-High-Frequency DC-DC Switching Converters
  • Analog and Digital Low-Dropout Regulators
  • Analog and Digital Sub-Sampling Frequency Synthesizers
  • Hybrid ADC Architecture with Digital Assisted Techniques
  • CMOS Image Sensors and Their Biomedical Applications
  • CMOS Temperature Sensors
  • CMOS Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifiers
  • Zigbee/BLE Transmitter for IoT Applications
DC-DC Switching Converters, Analog and Digital Regulators, Analog and Digital Frequency Synthesizers, Hybrid ADC Architecture, CMOS Image Sensors, CMOS Temperature Sensors, CMOS Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifiers, Zigbee, BLE Transmitter, IoT Applications