Stealing Time: Explorations in 24/7 Software Engineering Development

Stealing Time: Explorations in 24/7 Software Engineering Development

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Stealing Time: Explorations in 24/7 Software Engineering Development

Editor: 9788792329424

Author: Zenon Chaczko, Ryszard Klempous and Jan Nikodem ( University of Technology, Sydney, Australia & University of Technology , Wroclaw, Poland)

ISBN: 9788792329424

Available: August 2010

An authoritative guide that explores in depth the cultural, technological and methodological concerns to practice three-timezone (3TZ) e-learning in educational contexts. It is important from a pedagogical and practical perspective to impart educational methods and tools that will enable students to be ready for the interconnected, cross-collaborative work environment advocated by modern business practice. The 'local is global' paradigm provides the platform on which students are able to effectively build their knowledge repertoire through the interaction and exchange of project tasks amongst local/global teams, where the traditional barriers of time and location are no longer applicable. The situational and social learning dimensions gained from the explored issues covered in the book will provide a greater awareness to the reader for the need for teaching practice for the '3TZ' enabled workforce.


  • Teaching Practice-based Subjects in 3 Time Zones (3TZ) Virtual Student Exchange (VSX) Environment
  • Collaborative Team Project Management
  • Toward the 24-Hour Knowledge Factory in Software Development
  • 24/7 Application in Medical Research
  • Worldwide Teams in Software Development
  • Virtual Student Exchange: Developing New Educational Paradigms to Support 24-7 Engineering
  • Data and Knowledge-Transfer Model for the Development of Software Requirements analysis CASE Tools designed for Cross-Time-Zone Projects.

authoritative, Teaching, Practice-based, Virtual Student Exchange,