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River Publishers Series in Mathematical, Statistical and Computational Modelling for Engineering 

Advances in Applied Mathematical Analysis and Applications

Mangey Ram, Graphic Era Deemed to be University, Dehradun, India
Tadashi Dohi, Hiroshima University, Japan

ISBN: 9788770221108
e-ISBN: 9788770221092

Price: € 95.00

Available: August 2019



In recent years, applied mathematics has been used in all novel disciplines of scientific development. Advances in Applied Mathematical Problems summarizes interdisciplinary work within the field of applied mathematics.

The topics discussed in the book include:

  • Similarity Solutions of Spherical Shock Waves in a Self-Gravitating Ideal Gas
  • Dual Solutions for Finite Element Analysis of Unsteady Hydromagnetic Stagnation Point Flow of Water Nanofluid Generated by Stretching Sheet
  • Multiparametric modeling of carbon cycle in temperate wetlands for regional climate change analysis using satellite data
  • An Intelligent Neuro Fuzzy System for Pattern Classification
  • Fuzzy inventory model with demand, deterioration and inflation: a comparative study through NGTFN and CNTFN
  • Summability and its application for the stability of the system
  • Design Of Manufacturing, Control, And Automation Systems
  • SEIR - Application for Crop through Water and Soil Texture
  • Advances in radial basis functions
  • Modeling For Time Period Of Natural Frequency For Non-Homogeneous Square Plate With Variable Thickness And Temperature Effect
  • A Study On Metric Fixed Point Theorems Satisfying Integral Type Contractions
  • Objective Function - In Radiometric Studies -Application to Agrs Surveys Associated With Radon
  • Modelling Kernel Function in Black body Radiation Inversion


Lie Group, Imploding Shock Waves, Similarity Solutions, Rankine-Hugoniot Conditions, Ideal Gas, Magnetic Field, Finite element analysis, unsteady hydromagnetic flow, stagnation point, nanofluid, stretching sheet, methane models, wetlands, satellite data,