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River Publishers Series in Chemical and Environmental Engineering 

Strategic Management of Sustainable Urban Development

Economic Downturns, Metropolitan Governance and Local Communities

Sabato Vinci, University of Roma Tre, Italy
Luca Salvati, University of Macerata, Italy

ISBN: 9788770221665
e-ISBN: 9788770221658

Price: € 95.00

Available: December 2020



If we assume recession as being the starting point for policy challenges, then we can interpret these economic downturns as opportunities for change and the reshaping of society, landscapes and the latent mechanisms of growth. This book illustrates different aspects of local strategic development introducing a novel interpretation of the intimate relationship between demographic and economic aspects in complex socio-environmental systems. A specific approach investigating the mechanisms of local development, cultural and environmental values within a strategic territorial vision, is proposed. Coming from and appealing to diverse academic backgrounds, our book address paradigmatic visions about regional and urban dynamics, focusing on landscape transformations and socioeconomic disparities.

Technical topics discussed in the book include:

  • Urban management;
  • Metropolitan governance;
  • Landscape;
  • Spatial planning;
  • Applied economics;
  • Regional demography.


Crisis, Urban economics, Europe, Mediterranean basin, resilience