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River Publishers Series in Innovation and Change in Education - Cross-cultural Perspective 

Innovation and ICT in Education

The Diversity of the 21st Century Classroom

Editor: José Gómez Galán, University of Extremadura, Spain, and Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Puerto Rico, USA

ISBN: 9788770221986
e-ISBN: 9788770221979

Price: € 95.00

Available: June 2021



The adequate integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) in educational and training processes is one of the biggest current challenges in education. The classroom of the present is very different from just a few decades ago, new technological tools are completely transforming its characteristics and activities. This internationally authored book offers a timely, effective and practical vision of this new educational scenario.

The book takes a multidisciplinary approach in looking at the problems and possible solutions that are faced by the educational professional of the 21st century when, by necessity or obligation, they face the use of ICT in their daily tasks.

Divided into two parts, one theoretical and another practical, this book offers the highlights of the most important lines of research that are being developed today in educational technology, and importantly presents the innovations which have had the most impact over recent years. From the profound transformations in the physical classroom to everything that involves new virtual scenarios, where online teaching requires innovative strategies and training processes, this book describes the diverse scenarios that ICT has generated and will continue to generate in the field of education. It presents a new and a very different type of education that can be adapted to the needs of the citizen of the digital society.


Educational technology, Innovation, ICTs, Educational research, Teacher Training, Knowledge society, Digital paradigm, Teaching and learning, Internet, Digital literacy