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River Publishers Series in Energy Management 

Energy Centered Maintenance
A Green Maintenance System

Marvin T. Howell and Fadi Alshakhshir

ISBN: 9781138735378
e-ISBN: 9788770222662

Price: £ 110.00 | $ 145.00

Distributed exclusively by Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group)  


Energy Centered Maintenance proves a detailed description of how to implement Energy Centered Maintenance (ECM) at any organization. It includes a new six-step technical process with detailed instructions of each of these steps explained with clear examples. Areas covered include preventative maintenance, predictive maintenance and reliability centered maintenance.

ECM uses energy consumption excesses or energy waste as the primary criterion for determining specific maintenance or repair needs. Therefore, the primary purpose of this book is to provide strategies to reduce energy use by identifying equipment or items that can become energy hogs while still performing their function and prevent that from occurring. The primary reasons organizations need ECM is due to poor maintenance of energy-using systems and energy losses from motors not turning off when they should.

The book includes ECM for electrical, mechanical, building transportation, HVAC, fire-fighting, water supply, drainage and storm water management systems. In some cases, ECM in data centers can help reduce energy consumption by as much as 30%.

The six-step process detailed in this text will enable any organization to implement ECM in an orderly, cost effective manner thus improving your equipment and machines, lowering your energy consumption and helping save the planet.