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River Publishers Series in Energy Engineering and Systems 

Handbook of Web Based Energy Information and Control Systems

Barney L. Capehart and Timothy Middelkoop

ISBN: 9781439876848
e-ISBN: 9788770222983

Price: £ 170.00 | $ 200.00

Distributed exclusively by Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group)  


This book promotes the benefits of the development and application of energy information and control systems. This wave of information technology (IT) and web-based energy information and control systems (web based EIS/ECS) continues to roll on with increasing speed and intensity.

This handbook presents recent technological advancements in the field, as well as a compilation of the best information from three previous books in this area. The combined thrust of this information is that the highest level functions of the building and facility automation system are delivered by a web based EIS/ECS system that provides energy management, facility management, overall facility operational management and ties in with the enterprise resource management system for the entire facility or the group of facilities being managed.