NEW Global ICT-based Business Models

NEW Global ICT-based Business Models

River Publishers Series in Multi Business Model Innovation, Technologies and Sustainable Business

NEW Global ICT-based Business Models

Editor: Peter Lindgren, Aalborg University, Denmark

ISBN: 9788792329769

Available: August 2011

The New Global Business model (NEWGIBM) book describes the background, theory references, case studies, results and learning imparted by the NEWGIBM project, whichis supported by ICT, to a research group during the period from 2005-2011. The book is a result of the efforts and the collaborative work between SMEs, consultancies and researchers across various lines of business, competences and research domains. The book commences with a theoretical discussion of the business model and its innovation

literature and explains how this was a collaborative study by researchers from three Danish Universities. The book continues by describing, analyzing and showing how NEWGIBM was implemented in SMEs in different industrial companies/networks. Based on this effort, the researchers try to describe and analyze the current context, experience of NEWGIBM and finally the emerging scenarios of NEWGIBM.

The NEWGIBM book serves as a part of the final evaluation and documentation of the NEWGIBM project and is supported by results from the following projects: M-commerce, Global Innovation, Global Ebusiness & M-commerce, The Blue Ocean project, International Center for Innovation and Women in Business, NEFFICS, which provided
information about the innovating business models funded by Ministry of Science and Innovation Denmark, Ministry of Economics Denmark, EU Social Fund, EU KASK program and EU 7 Framework program Internet of Things. This book adds new knowledge to the global business models based on ICT.


  • The Theoretical History and Background of Business Models
  • The Th eoretical Background of Business Model Innovation
  • ICT - a Key Enabler in Innovating New Global Business Models
  • The NEWGIBM Research Methodology
  • The Analytical Model for NEWGIBM
  • Industry Service - Technology Centre
  • The KMD Case
  • Smart House Case
  • The Nano Solar Case
  • The Master Cat Case
  • The Pitfalls Of The Blue Ocean Strategy ? Implications Of ?The Six Paths Framework?
  • Network-Based Innovation - Combining Exploration and Exploitation?
  • Innovating New Business Models in Inter-firm Collaboration
  • NEW Global Business Models - What Did The NEWGIBM Cases Show?
  • The Strategy Concept in Light of the Increased Importance of Innovative Business Models
  • Successful Implementation of Global BM Innovation
  • Globalisation Of ICT Based Business Models: Today And In 2020

NEWGIBM, ICT, Ebusiness & M-commerce