River Publishers Series in Signal, Image and Speech Processing

JPEG Series

K.R. Rao, The University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Electrical Engineering Arlington, USA
Humberto Ochoa Domínguez, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, México
Shreyanka Subbarayappa, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, India

ISBN: 9788770225939 e-ISBN: 9788770225922

Available: July 2021

While the JPEG image standard was developed more than 25 years ago, it is still dominant in terms of image formation, manipulation and transmission over the internet and other media. As technology advances, new demands have arisen for the efficient transmission and storage of images causing other formats to emerge. Over the years, several extensions such as, JPEGLS, JPEG2K, JPEGXT, JPEGXR, JPEGXS and JPEG Pleno, have been added, constructing a series of standards for the compression and transmission of images. This book is the first to bring together most of the series of JPEG standards in a book.

This book covers the descriptions of the JPEG standards and gives the reader an overview of the latest advances in the standards of the Joint Photographic Experts Group.
Topics discussed include:
  • JEPG;
  • JPEG XR;
  • JPEG XT;
  • JPEG 2000;
  • JPEG XS;
  • JPEG Pleno;
  • JPEG LS;
  • JPEG XL;
  • JPSearch;
  • JPEG Systems;
  • JBIG;
JPEG, transform coding, discrete cosine transform, discrete sine transform, wavelet based image compression, block-based image compression, plenoptic representation, light-field imaging, point cloud imaging, holographic imaging.