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River Publishers Series in Energy Engineering and Systems 

Handbook of Energy Engineering, Eighth Edition

D. Paul Mehta, Albert Thumann

ISBN: 9788770223454
e-ISBN: 9788770223447

Price: £ 96.00 | $ 160.00

Distributed exclusively by Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group)  


The Handbook of Energy Engineering covers the latest updates to codes and standards in the energy industry. The Eighth Edition features two new chapters on thermal storage and Occupants' Behavior and Energy Consumption in Buildings. Also included are chapters on energy economic analysis, energy auditing, waste heat recovery, utility system optimization, HVAC, cogeneration, control systems, energy management, and compressed air system optimization. The book can act as a reference to guide you step-by-step in applying the principles of energy engineering and management to the design of electrical, HVAC, utility, process and building systems for both new design and retrofit projects. The text is thoroughly illustrated with tables, graphs, diagrams, and sample problems.