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River Publishers Series in Digital Security and Forensics 

Implementing Enterprise Cybersecurity with Open-source Software and Standard Architecture

Anand Handa, C3i Center, Indian Institute of Technology, India
Rohit Negi, C3i Center, Indian Institute of Technology, India
Sandeep K. Shukla, C3i Center, Indian Institute of Technology, India

ISBN: 9788770224239
e-ISBN: 9788770224222

Price: € 98.50

Available: August 2021



Many small and medium scale businesses cannot afford to procure expensive cybersecurity tools. In many cases, even after procurement, lack of a workforce with knowledge of the standard architecture of enterprise security, tools are often used ineffectively. The Editors have developed multiple projects which can help in developing cybersecurity solution architectures and the use of the right tools from the open-source software domain. This book has 8 chapters describing these projects in detail with recipes on how to use open-source tooling to obtain standard cyber defense and the ability to do self-penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. This book also demonstrates work related to malware analysis using machine learning and implementation of honeypots, network Intrusion Detection Systems in a security operation center environment. It is essential reading for cybersecurity professionals and advanced students.


Honeypot, Honeynet, Open-source Security Tools, Web Security, Application Security, Database Security, Network Security, Threat Intelligence, Threat Analytics, Network Analytics, Malware Analysis, Cuckoo Sandbox, Machine Learning, Static and Dynamic Analysis, NIDS, HIDS, SOC, Security Architecture, SIEM, Firewall, Virtualization, Phishing Detection, Android Application, Feature Engineering.