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Transversal Interoperability for Interdisciplinarity in e-Health

Author: Louise B. Pape-Haugaard

ISBN: 9788792329882 (Paperback)
e-ISBN: 9788792329899

Price: € 40.00

Available: January 2012
Downloads: [1636]

Downloads: [1636]  


In this research the demands for models used for sharing and (re-)use of patient-centered information in a national IT-architecture are covered. This is done through an explorative case-study of a Danish national eHealth project: 'the vision of Shared Medication Record (SMR)'. The foci are on three stated objectives; interoperability of heterogeneous health data, transactional challenges, and interoperability assessment model. The dissertation uses demands for interoperability through a service-oriented architecture. Overall it is concluded that SOA-designed WS to ensure transversal interoperability for interdisciplinarity can be deployed in e-Health. The challenge of heterogeneity in health data can be minimized through applying SOA-designed WS.


Transversal Interoperability forInterdisciplinarity in e-Health