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River Publishers Series in Biomedical Engineering 

Big Data Management in Sensing: Applications in AI and IoT

Renny Fernandez, Norfolk State University, USA
Terrance Frederick Fernandez, Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology, India

ISBN: 9788770224154
e-ISBN: 9788770224147

Price: € 98.50

Available: October 2021



The book is centrally focused on human computer Interaction and how sensors within small and wide groups of Nano-robots employ Deep Learning for applications in industry. It covers a wide array of topics that are useful for researchers and students to gain knowledge about AI and sensors in nanobots. Furthermore, the book explores Deep Learning approaches to enhance the accuracy of AI systems applied in medical robotics for surgical techniques. Secondly, we plan to explore bio-nano-robotics, which is a field in nano-robotics, that deals with automatic intelligence handling, self-assembly and replication, information processing and programmability.


IoMT, Sensors, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Nano-Robotics, Nano-Bio-Robotics