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River Publishers Series in Energy Sustainability and Efficiency 

Plan for a Turbulent Future: Your Roadmap to Personal Resilience for a Changing Climate

Author: Remi Charron, Consultant, Canada

ISBN: 9788770227551
e-ISBN: 9788770227544

Price: $ 105.00

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Millions of lives and business have either been lost or significantly impacted by COVID-19. Yet, many are warning that climate change will be much more devastating over the coming decades. Reality is starting to set in. We are not going to achieve our global mitigation targets; we probably won’t even come close. Individuals faced with this reality react differently, from willful ignorance to anxiety and depression, all normal reactions. If you believe in science and understand the likelihood of our failure to meet our targets, you need to accept and plan for an unknown, challenging future. We may be individually powerless to stop climate change, but we certainly can act in ways that will help us better face the consequences. This book provides a structured approach to plan and prepare today for a world rocked by a turbulent climate.


resilience, climate change, tipping points, sustainability, climate grief, eco-anxiety, fitness and health, community building, learning and education, financial planning, emergency preparedness, low-carbon, energy audit, resiliency audit