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Conference Connection - Fluid Power, Lubrication, and Motion Control Technology

Editors with affiliation
Andrea Vacca, Purdue University, USA
Lizhi Shang, Purdue University, USA
Juergen Weber, Technische Universität Dresden, USA
Katharina Schmitz, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, USA

The "Fluid Power, Lubrication, and Motion Control Technology" series feature the proceedings of the most important conferences and meetings in the area of fluid power and motion control.
The papers published in the series reflects the most recent technical advances in the field of fluid power, lubrication, and motion control technology discussed at conferences endorsed by the Editors. All the papers presented are reviewed by experts in the field and presented during the approved meetings. 
Area of relevance for the series are:

  • Original approaches for the analysis, experimentation and modeling of components for fluid power systems such as pumps, motors, hydraulic control valves
  • Hydrostatic and hydraulic hybrid transmissions
  • Control design methodologies and techniques for fluid power systems
  • Mitigation strategies for oscillations and vibrations of fluid power machines
  • New system architectures to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions of fluid power machines
  • Safety, reliability, fault analysis, diagnosis and prognostic of fluid power systems
  • Digital and switched fluid power systems
  • Water hydraulics
  • Applications of fluid power in the field of renewable energy
  • Electrification of fluid power systems
  • Fluid power applications in industrial, mobile and aerospace
  • Environmental aspects of fluid power
  • Smart fluids and materials for fluid power systems
  • Cavitation and tribology aspects of fluid power components