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Energy Newsletter - December 2022
In our last energy newsletter of the year, two of our series editors, Massimo Mitolo and Bobby Rauf, give their thoughts and look back on the year, and we interview Remi Charron on his recently published book ‘Plan for a Turbulent Future’.
New and Upcoming Titles

Recent Developments in Automatic Control Systems

Editors: Yuriy P. Kondratenko, Vsevolod M. Kuntsevich, Arkadii A. Chikrii, Vyacheslav F. Gubarev

IoT, Machine learning and Blockchain Technologies for Renewable Energy and Modern Hybrid Power Systems

Editors: C. Sharmeela, P. Sanjeevikumar, P. Sivaraman and Meera Joseph

A 'Light' Guide to Energy Savings in Transport

Author: Conor Molloy, Ireland
River Publishers – Expert Opinion

Massimo Mitolo, Irvine Valley College, USA

River Publishers Series in Power

As we head into 2023, a few considerations about power and energy engineering seem just appropriate. In 2022 we have witnessed dramatic events that have impacted the availability of energy on a worldwide scale. The energy transition toward renewables seems more than ever necessary and urgent. Realistically though, even if we had today all the installed wind and photovoltaic power called for by the ambitious 2035 plans of the EU and of some of the states of the U.S., still we would not have achieved the ultimate goal of the independence from fossil fuels.
The electrical system of the world, made up of aging transmission and distribution networks, is still not adequate for the integration of renewable energies into the power grid. The upgrade will necessitate economic investments and innovative technological solutions. New electronic systems will be needed to mimic on a large scale the kinetic inertia of traditional sources, clearly not present in renewables. This would allow the operation of protective devices necessary to neutralize catastrophic deviations of crucial parameters, such as the frequency, from the nominal value.
The intent of the book series in Power is to contribute even more to the technical growth of students, researchers and practitioners, and to facilitate the energy transition that is as necessary as inevitable.
Wishing all the readers the best in the Holiday Season!

Diagram  Description automatically generated  The "River Publishers Series in Power" is a series of comprehensive academic and professional books focussing on the theory and applications behind power generation and distribution. The series features content on energy engineering, systems and development of electrical power, looking specifically at current technology and applications.
The series serves to be a reference for academics, researchers, managers, engineers, and other professionals in related matters with power generation and distribution.

Four Pillars of Energy Program Management

Bobby Rauf, Semtrain, LLC, USA

River Publishers Series in Energy Engineering and Systems

A well-balanced energy program management vision and approach, based on my experience and observation, needs to be multifaceted. I proffer that, as a minimum, energy programs in large industrial, commercial and institutional facilities must the following four components:

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Energy Conservation
Mere mention of the word “energy” elicits the notion of energy conservation. Almost everyone these days thinks about saving energy in some fashion, at home, at work, and places of commerce. Some measures of energy conservation are putative and obvious, especially in homes, offices and places of commerce. Examples included replacement of old incandescent light bulbs with LED type lamps, setting thermostats lower for winter and higher in summer, etc. Other, less obvious proven measures include the use of VFD’s, optimization of burner efficiencies, improvement of power factor, detection and repair of compressed air leaks, etc. The less obvious approaches to energy conservation require more profound study and discussion supported by contrast and comparison between various proven approaches.

Energy Cost
Imagine yourself being responsible for energy cost reduction in your facility. A facility that – through well thought out and optimally implemented energy conservation measures over the years – has minimized energy intensity (MMBtu’s/ton or kWH/ton) to lowest feasible level, and perhaps has achieved the “Energy Star” rating. What more could you do? Well, there are ways to reduce the energy cost without specifically focusing on actual MMBtu, kWH, MJ based energy consumption reduction. One example: revisiting your utility contracts.

Energy Supply
As a steward of your facility or organization’s energy usage, in addition to your focus on energy conservation and energy cost, you must monitor and periodically assess opportunities to generate you own energy through renewable and non-renewable sources. This is where pursuit of myriad renewable energy sources fits. Learn about how you can explore energy cost reduction opportunities through inclusion of alternate energy sources in the energy equation and the role of peak shaving.

Energy Storage
Awareness of the importance and availability of energy storage solutions is not only integral to the pursuit of renewable or non-renewable energy sources but it can also serve as another tool in facilities energy cost reduction efforts. Many contemporary utility scale renewable energy endeavors include 40% or more energy storage capability through the batteries, pump storage systems, etc.
For deeper understanding of the four concepts stated above – illustrated through discussion of various pertinent technologies and SWOT analysis, thereof, and proven measures - join us in one of our eight hour energy seminars scheduled to be conducted through or AEE in 2023.

A picture containing text  Description automatically generated The "River Publishers Series in Energy Engineering and Systems" is a series of comprehensive academic and professional books focussing on the theory and applications behind various energy-related technologies and control systems. The series features handbooks for related technology, as well as manuals on the fundamentals and theoretical aspects of energy engineering projects.
The main aim of this series is to be a reference for academics, researchers, managers, engineers, and other professionals in related matters with energy engineering and control systems.

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RP Book Discussion - Plan for a Turbulent Future, Remi Charron

Remi Charron’s Book ‘Plan for a Turbulent Future’ is now available to purchase through In this interview with the author, Remi and Philippa discuss what resiliency means in this context and what we can do to face the immensity of the problem of climate change.


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Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal

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