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Energy Newsletter - January 2023

In our first energy newsletter of 2023, we announce our latest titles and Stephen Fardo, Eastern Kentucky University, gives his thoughts on and plans for fundamental concept textbooks.

Also, this month the ‘Industrial Energy System Handbook’, supplementary reading resource for candidates taking the AEE CIEP program, is now available to purchase. Check out our interview with the author Albert Williams, where we discuss what the book covers and the importance of energy savings with industrial systems as we face the current climate crisis. 

New and Upcoming Titles

Non-destructive Diagnostic of High Voltage Electrical Systems

Author: Josef Vedral

IoT, Machine learning and Blockchain Technologies for Renewable Energy and Modern Hybrid Power Systems

Editors: C. Sharmeela, P. Sanjeevikumar, P. Sivaraman and Meera Joseph

A 'Light' Guide to Energy Savings in Transport

Author: Conor Molloy, Ireland
River Publishers – Expert Opinion

Fundamental Concept Textbooks

Stephen Fardo, Eastern Kentucky University, USA

An understanding of fundamental concepts is necessary for comprehensive learning in any engineering / technical field of study. Critical thought and creative problem solving are often required when working with engineering problems. Currently River Publishers is in the process of publishing the following books based on fundamental concepts:

1-- DC / AC Electrical Fundamentals
2-- Electronic Devices and Circuit Fundamentals
3-- Electronic Digital System Fundamentals, 2nd Edition
4-- Electrical Machines and Power System Fundamentals, 3rd Edition
5-- Electrical Power Systems Technology, 4th Edition
6—Energy Conservation Guidebook, 4th Edition.

The textbooks listed above are based on fundamental concepts and essential topics derived from books co-authored by Dale R. Patrick and Stephen W. Fardo. Since 1975, I have had the opportunity to co-author approximately 25 texts and lab manuals with Dale Patrick. He was my teacher and advisor as an undergraduate student at Eastern Kentucky University and later became my mentor and friend as a university professor for many years. My success in teaching and writing can primarily be attributed to Dale Patrick. Unfortunately, he passed away while we were updating some
of our books.

My personal desire has been to continue publishing some of the topics that have survived the ‘test of time.’ I am pleased that River Publishers has agreed to publish the six titles listed above. Each of these texts has been substantially updated and revised by current Applied Engineering and Technology / STEM faculty at EKU in order to allow these publications to remain relevant in the profession for years to come. Two of these co-authors are Dr. Ray Richardson and Dr. Vigyan (Vigs) Chandra who are excellent teachers and technical writers recognized in the profession. Fundamental concepts described in these texts can now be updated continuously and emphasized in high-quality textbooks for years to come.

We appreciate River Publishers, especially Philippa Jefferies, for their willingness to publish these books for potential use in several markets. This will continue the legacy and contributions of Dale Patrick.

All our videos, including expert interviews with our editors and authors, can be found on the River Publishers YouTube channel.

RP Book Discussion – Industrial Energy Systems Handbook, Albert Williams

Albert Williams’ Book ‘Industrial Energy System Handbook’ is now available to purchase through They discuss what the book covers, and the importance of energy savings with industrial systems as we face the current climate crisis. 


Energy Journals:

Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal

Vijay K. Sood

This is a quarterly publication that provides detailed information on the latest developments in fields such as: Distribution and generation, Demand side response and management Smart local energy systems (including smart cities), Renewables and other cleantech developments.

Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment

Medani P. Bhandari

This journal features publications of high quality and multi-faceted articles encompassing planning and policies and research and development in the field of energy and environment for global sustainability and harmony.

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