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International Journal of Translational ScienceJournal discontinued 2017


Pranela Rameshwar, Rutgers University, USA
Nicholas M. Ponzio, Rutgers University, USA

ISSN: 2246-8765 (Online Version)
Vol: 2016   Issue: 1

Published In:   January 2016

Publication Frequency: Continuous Article Publication

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Karyn Hummel, B.S.,Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow University of Pennsylvania

homeostasis and differentiation. My prior research experience during my PhD training focused on how the environment is sensed through transcriptional regulation of gene expression in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract in C. elegans. My postdoctoral research established a critical role of DNA methylation in intestinal epithelial homeostasis by using Next-Generation Sequencing techniques. Furthermore, I employed mouse genetics to investigate the role of DNA methylation during cancer. My work revealed that DNA methylation is critical for genome stability and acute hypomethylation due to loss of the DNA methyltransferase, Dnmt1, is a driver of intestinal cancer initiation

River Publishers: International Journal of Translational Science<sup><font color=#f91b02>Journal discontinued 2017</font></sup>